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3 days off for discovering the backcountry of Catalonia around Barcelona

Center of every tour was the district Gracia, right in the heart of Barcelona. Positiv: We got to know the city – Negativ: It takes some time to get out of the city. In the 3 days we decided to ride once in every direction possible and had to rely on the dozens of tour suggestions over the internet. The rides combined everything the country can offer you. Sunny bike tours on the coast line combined with challenging mountain routes with up to 20% steep climbs.




Stage 1
La Conreria – Sant Mateu-Céllecs
68km 1200hm

After setting up the bikes we made a short tour with two climbs and the way back on the coast. The tour was perfect to find out the local driving habits. If you dont like to cycle on straight roads with lots of cars, you better choose a different way back.


Stage 2
Montserrat – Estenalles
170,1 km 4.275 hm

This bike tour combines some of the best climbs around Barcelona. With a short detour you even can visit the stunning monastery Montserrat. Overall the tour has 4 major climbs extended over 190km. Thats how you make about 4800hm and spend quite some time pedaling.


Stage 3
3 Classics – Creu D’Olorda – Rat Penat – Olivella
115,1km 2.471 hm

Short tour with plenty of climbing. We were amazed standing in front of the steep climb of the Rat Penat, with peaks of 23%, very seldom under 15% and an average of 10%.

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